Between blog will be the web discussion site of Between Journal, the international, peer-reviewed and open access Journal of the Italian Association for the Theory and Comparative History of Literature – Compalit. The journal is published twice a year(first issue: may 2011):
Between Journal is published by the University of Cagliari – Maintenance for the OJS installation is provided by UniCA Open Journals, hosted by Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo.
The editors in chief of Between Journal are: Clotilde Bertoni, University of Palermo – Massimo Fusillo, University of L’Aquila – Marina Guglielmi, University of Cagliari – Giulio Iacoli, University of Parma – Niccolò Scaffai, Université di Lausanne.

Between blog strives to be a prime setting in which to welcome and commend the proposals and ideas of young researchers, allowing them dynamic interaction with samples, theories and works from more experienced scholars. Indeed, we believe that allowing diverse and complementary resources to converge in such a democractic base, as it were, is a necessary preface to empowering and recognising the voice of Italian comparative studies within the supranational and intercultural discourse.